Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Place

So far, the place is great. Love having a pool! Love having a washer and dryer in my place! Love the free coffee in the clubhouse all day long! I've only taken photos of my room, really. The rest of the place is pretty much how it's going to look but I'm gonna wait til Cat is here - we have some stuff to finish up before I show photos. :)

This is where I get tan -

The animals relaxing: the cat is my sister's -

One view of my bedroom -

My bookshelves and jewelery box: I still need curtains for my windows -

My dresser and part of my closet: owl and plaque on wall from friends -

My bed, end table and comfy chair -

My desk, complete with lots of photos (your fave, Leo!) -

The animals relaxing in my room -

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