Thursday, September 1, 2011

Struggle bus.

I am having a really hard time here. Classes are fine - everything else isn't. I'll update you on the past two weeks this weekend... I need to talk to my parents. :(

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Place

So far, the place is great. Love having a pool! Love having a washer and dryer in my place! Love the free coffee in the clubhouse all day long! I've only taken photos of my room, really. The rest of the place is pretty much how it's going to look but I'm gonna wait til Cat is here - we have some stuff to finish up before I show photos. :)

This is where I get tan -

The animals relaxing: the cat is my sister's -

One view of my bedroom -

My bookshelves and jewelery box: I still need curtains for my windows -

My dresser and part of my closet: owl and plaque on wall from friends -

My bed, end table and comfy chair -

My desk, complete with lots of photos (your fave, Leo!) -

The animals relaxing in my room -

My 1st Week in Gainesville

Being in Gainesville has been hard. My sister went back home to IL for a few weeks to visit with family so I've been here all alone. It has sucked pretty bad. It's been really lonely - I'm glad I have Henry, at least. I've been going back and forth to campus getting paperwork done for school and for my assistantship. I had a meeting with the professor I'm TAing for - I think the class is going to go well. He was nice and very clear in his expectations - I like that. The class is 150 students - whoa! - and I'll be responsible for a lot of the grading. I do have some stuff that I have to do next week before school starts - some boring stuff online. I have to set up a bunch of online discussion board forums so that they're ready for the class to start.

Family Vacation

We arrived in Florida late Saturday afternoon and checked into the beach rental that my parents got for the week. Kel was with us - he was very helpful in the move and I appreciate his help SO much! - and was headed to pick up Ashley and the girls at the airport. Our townhouse in Gainesville wouldn't be ready until August first so we had a day to relax and unwind at the beach. We spent the 1st in Gainesville - again with the help of Kel, Jeff and his girlfriend, and my parents - and Cat and I spent the night so that we could start getting things settled and organized. Back to St. Augustine on the 2nd for the rest of family vacation.

Vacation was awesome! It was so fun having the whole family together for a week - I can't even remember the last time everyone was together. It's been a long time! It sucked leaving the beach house and vacation on Friday night. I was heading back to Gainesville - my new "home" - and my family was headed back to their homes early the next day. It was sad. I'm still sad. I cried. I miss them.

Moving Day

We all left for Florida on Friday, January 29th. It was an exciting and very sad day all rolled into one. Spent the morning and afternoon packing up both Cat's apartment and mine. Miraculously - we were able to fit all of our stuff into the U-Haul and the cars we were driving. My parents and my brother were there to load up and help us move - so appreciate of them!
It was hard saying goodbye to Muncie and to my friends and especially to Leo. It sucked, really. But I just tried to stay positive as we loaded up and moved out.

This is where Henry wanted to sit for the drive to Florida -

Ready to head out -

Henry and Leo saying goodbye -

Our last dinner together before the move, The Nile! -

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The last few weeks in IL with family: in photos.

Lylla had a great 4th birthday -

I made a new friend -

Bella was adorable -

Witnessed a gorgeous sunset from the front lawn -

Lylla learned to swim without her life jacket and/or floatie wings -

Bella discovered the amazingness that is a monkey inner tube -

Currently reading: The Hiding Place


The beginning of the end.

I spent the first week of July in Muncie packing - this is how it went.

Henry was very helpful.

Got a ton done!